I Enjoy Consuming Soup - And Here's Why You Should Too

What do I need to say. You guys already know that soup is the best. However, some filthy people that live on this planet reject the religion of Soup. These people absolutly disgust me but hopefully this website will convert all these filthy, disgusting soup rejecters into soup drinking interlectuals.

Firstly, everybody knows that all types of soup raises your IQ by atlesast 200 when you drink it. It is scientificly proven by scientists that soup actually also rasies your muscle mass by 200%. This is why people like John Wick from fortnite and Will Smith from youtube rewind drink soup atleast 10 times a day. The IQ raise and muscle buff alone should convince you to drinmk soup. However, there's more.

Only people who are part of the Soup Cult are meant to know about this but I must spill bthe real tea in order to purify those filthy soup haters. The truth about soup is that it's actually God's urine. This means that when you drink soup you are physically consuming God's waste, meaning that you are harnessing some of God's powers.

Still not convinced yet? Alright you filthy soup hater. I will bring out the big guns now. Apparently if you drink 2 million gallons of soup daily for ten years, God himself will come down to your house and give you a goodnight kiss. Now that's a good deal.

HIf you still don't like soup, you're just bias and nitpicking. Bye bye, I win you loose. Soup Soldier 240 out.

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